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Choice of Means of Transport


Overdispersion in Multinomial Logit Models


Class, Party Position, and Electoral Choice

getSummary(<mblogit>) getSummary(<mclogit>) getSummary(<mmblogit>) getSummary(<mmclogit>)

`getSummary` Methods


Baseline-Category Logit Models for Categorical and Multinomial Responses

mclogit() update(<mclogit>) summary(<mclogit>)

Conditional Logit Models and Mixed Conditional Logit Models mmclogit.fitPQLMQL()

Internal functions used for model fit.

mclogit.control() mmclogit.control()

Control Parameters for the Fitting Process

predict(<mblogit>) predict(<mclogit>) predict(<mmblogit>) predict(<mmclogit>)

Predicting responses or linear parts of the baseline-category and conditional logit models

simulate(<mblogit>) simulate(<mclogit>) simulate(<mmblogit>) simulate(<mmclogit>)

Simulating responses from baseline-category and conditional logit models