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Methods for setting and getting templates for formatting model coefficients and summaries for use in mtable.





sevaral tagged arguments; in case of setCoefTemplate the tags specify the coef.styles, in case of setSummaryTemplate they specify model classes. The associated values are templates.


a character string with the name of a coefficient style, if left empty, all coefficient templates are returned.


a model or a name of a model class, for example "lm" or "glm"; if left empty, all summary templates are returned.


The style in which model coefficients are formatted by mtable is by default selected from the setting of options, "factory-fresh" setting being options("default").

The appearance of factor levels in an mtable can be influenced by the setting of options. The "factory-fresh" setting is options("($f): ($l)"), where ($f) stands for the factor name and ($l) stands for the factor level. In case of treatment contrasts, the baseline level will also appear in an mtable separated from the current factor level by the baselevel.sep setting of options. The "factory-fresh" setting is options(baselevel.sep="-"),

Users may specify additional coefficient styles by a call to setCoefTemplate.

In order to adapt the display of summary statistics of other model classes, users need to set a template for model summaries via a call to setSummaryTemplate or to define a method of the generic function summaryTemplate.