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applyTemplate is called internally by mtable to format coefficients and summary statistics.





a numeric or character vector to be formatted, or a list of such vectors.


a character vector that defines the template, see details.

A character string that is passed to formatC by applyTemplate; valid values are "e", "f", "g", "fg", "E", and "G". By default, the setting of options is used. The `factory fresh' setting is options("f")


number of significant digits to use if not specified in the template.


a named vector that specifies how significance levels are symbolically indicated, values of the vector specify significance levels and names specify the symbols. By default, the signif.symbols setting of options is used. The "factory-fresh" setting is options(signif.symbols=c("***"=.001,"**"=.01,"*"=.05)).


Character vectors that are used as templates may be arbitrary. However, certain character sequences may form template expressions. A template expression is of the form ($<POS>:<Format spec>), where "($" indicates the start of a template expression, "<POS>" stands for either an index or name that selects an element from x and "<Format spec>" stands for a format specifier. It may contain an letter indicating the style in which the vector element selected by <POS> will be formatted by formatC, it may contain a number as the number of significant digits, a "#" indicating that the number of signifcant digits will be at most that given by getOption("digits"), or * that means that the value will be formatted as a significance symbol.


applyTemplate returns a character vector in which template expressions in template are substituted by formatted values from x. If template is an array then the return value is also an array of the same shape.


applyTemplate(c(a=.0000000000000304,b=3),template=c("($1:g7#)($a:*)"," (($1:f2)) "))
#>      [,1]         
#> [1,] "3.04e-14***"
#> [2,] " (0.00) "   
applyTemplate(c(a=.0000000000000304,b=3),template=c("($a:g7#)($a:*)"," (($b:f2)) "))
#>      [,1]         
#> [1,] "3.04e-14***"
#> [2,] " (3.00) "