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These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of memisc only, and may be defunct as soon as the next release.


fapply(formula,data,...) # calls UseMethod("fapply",data)
# Default S3 method
fapply(formula, data, subset=NULL,
      names=NULL, addFreq=TRUE,...)



a formula. The right hand side includes one or more grouping variables separated by '+'. These may be factors, numeric, or character vectors. The left hand side may be empty, a numerical variable, a factor, or an expression. See details below.


an environment or data frame or an object coercable into a data frame.


an optional vector specifying a subset of observations to be used.


an optional character vector giving names to the result(s) yielded by the expression on the left hand side of formula. This argument may be redundant if the left hand side results in is a named vector. (See the example below.)


a logical value. If TRUE and data is a table or a data frame with a variable named "Freq", a call to table, Table, percent, or nvalid is supplied by an additional argument Freq and a call to table is translated into a call to Table.


further arguments, passed to methods or ignored.